After The Open House

So you've opened your house up to the public and been ushered away for a few hours by you real estate agent. When you get back you must have hundreds of questions to ask about the event and your agent will be happy to answer them.

Open House Results

A good place to start with the question asking is to ask your real estate agent how many people stopped by, and if he, or she, recognized any of them; perhaps some of them were neighbors? If the turn out is disappointing try to find out why. Ask your agent how they advertised it.

Another good question to ask your real estate agent is how they are going to follow up any possible interested buyers. If there were any really interested buyers with good credentials, then they should be approached as soon as possible to find out if they are truly interested and if they would like a personal tour. Also ask any possible buyers if they have any further questions.


Also important is to find out from your real estate if there was any feedback from potential buyers. Whilst positive feedback is good for the self-esteem you should not get upset about negative feedback. If its just one person's idea don't be too disheartened, but if several people mention something specific then you should look into it.

When you get back after the open house you should find out if there were any problems or mishaps, such as injuries, to put your mind at rest. Finally find out where to go next from your real estate agent. Discuss the next move and what the options are. Also discuss if its feasible to have another open house or to try something different.