Check Your Curb Appeal

Deciding to sell your house is the first tick on the list of things to do when selling a house. The next step is to make the house sellable. You need to make certain that your house looks like the type of house someone wants to buy, not one that makes people run down the street, or worse buy the house next door!

Making your look like a house worth buying requires effort on your part. The most important step in getting someone to have a look around your home is to make the outside as attractive as it can be.

No one of sound mind would buy a house that looks like its about to fall down and the basic rule for you should be: if your embarrassed about your house its going to be on the market for a long, long time.

Where To Begin

A good place to start is the lawn. Make sure that the lawn has been mowed, and that any flowers have been arranged neatly, especially if Fido has been stomping through them. Clear away any weeds and then move on to the more superficial parts of the house, like the driveway. If the drive needs resurfacing look into it, as this could increase the price of your house by a lot more than it costs to carry out.

Also take time to clean simple things such as guttering as well as giving the window pains another lick of paint to spruce them up. Don't forget to move the garbage out of view. No one wants to smell last Fridays left over when they come to look round.

Finally check for any damage to the structure of the house, clean the garage and close the garage door to give the house some extra respectability.