Closing the sale and finalizing the fine print to sell your property is more complicated than many people first imagined. Apart from all the price details, and who pays for what, an important consideration is how the deal will affect your tax returns. How you originally acquired the property, and the price you paid d for it will both affect your income tax returns. It is therefore a good idea to seek the service of a tax consultant, who will be able to present you with a more full image of the tax arena, regarding real estate any give you're their opinion and advice on your tax position.

Many sellers, and buyers, see 'closing' as leading directly to the bottom line: how much profit or loss they have made. Normally the price of the property will affect their view of the bottom line, however, you should remember that there are many, many, other factors that can influence the bottom line too.

5 Things Say Sale

There are at least five considerations that can influence the bottom line of the sale of a property. Transaction costs, such as the brokers commission is one factor, as are any mortgage-financing contingencies and the ownership of any items in your property.

Locating a person, or persons, to buy for your property can be difficult at the best of times, but finding a buyer who has all the credentials is even herder. In some cases a buyer may ask you to finance part of the purchase for them in what called a 'carrying back loan', because they can't afford the full price. It's your choice whether you accept or decline, however you should think carefully when considering the offer, asking lots of questions and seeking advice from your attorney or realtor.

The Home Stretch

When finalizing the contract, so that you can close the deal, it is important to realize that it is a negotiation and you may not get everything that you want.

Negotiation is a difficult thing, but you should start with a fair selling price. Respecting the other person's position is also important in any negotiation.

All through your real estate negotiations you should always be aware of when the escrow is scheduled to close. If you are selling your home you are required to be out of your house by this time. You will therefore have to make sure that the closing date doesn't fall before you move into your new home. If you do not then there could be some problems.