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robert cancino - September 13th, 2009 12:22 PM

About 10 yrs ago my uncle bought some land next to tx hwy 16 at tilden, tx., on the river The surveyor at that time said that his land ran up to the bridge, tx16 on the west side of the property. a surveyor came in last week and ran bordered the land, cutting off quite a bit of his property. He told him that an old county road used to run through his property long time ago and that he was to remark it. he did. The deed states that his property runs up to the highway, hwy 241, a decommisioned hwy absorbed by hwy16.. no mention on any county road.. Need help. my uncle is very old, little money and in a hell of a predicament... anyone out there willing to help us.rnneed some good legal advice if not a helping hand. thks, robert..


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