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gary - January 4th, 2005 11:32 PM

I was duped into signing anrnexclusive agreement with arnbuyers agent for almost 1 year in Maryland. The agent said he wanted my financial info. Irnasked if I need to sign thernsecond page to verify my info. was correct. He said yes and I was mislead into signing a buyer/agent agreement. There was no discussion of the agreement and a copy was not given to me. One week later I told the agent I did not want torncontinue working with him. He told me of the agreement,rnI said I wanted out. He saidrnI was out. I asked if that was all I needed to do to endrnthe agreement, he said yes. rnNow a week later the agent has sent me a letter threatening legal action if I buy a home with another agent. If anyone can pleasernhelp me with advise I would be very thankful. I have contacted the broker, but hernappears to be backing the agent.rn


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