Go It Alone--or Choose an Agent?

Some people decide, for any number of reasons, to sell there house by themselves, rather than using a real estate agent. The most common reason for this decision is that going it alone removes the commission you would need to pay to an agent. The commission depends on various factors such as where you live and who you go with, but are normally around 5% of the asking price for your home.

Selling Alone

If you decide to go it alone you will have to handle everything yourself and this can involve things like placing adverts, answering prospective calls and showing people around your home,. All this is not just time consuming, but can also be very stressful, especially if you have a full time job. Also you should remember that if you decide to sell your home yourself prospective buyers may decide to offer you less than the price you are asking.

Using An Agent

Real estate agents are in business because they know how to sell homes for a fair price. Real estate agents know the house selling arena inside out, therefore offering prospective house sellers advantages that going it alone can not. From deciding on a fair asking price to promoting your home and placing advertising, real estate agents are worth their weight in commission.

Helping to reduce the amount of stress on you during the sale of your home, real estate agents arrange house showings, filter out buyers who would not qualify for