Home Selling Costs

So you think selling a home is a simple, direct act? It's just a case of simple math, for example: you sell your home for $400,000 after having bought it for $300,000. That's a $100,000 profit, right? Wrong. Home selling has a number of inherent costs involved both in terms of money and in time. A number of procedures are involved as well as a number of outside individuals that includes the real estate agent, an attorney, and so on.

Direct And Indirect Costs

Home selling has a number of direct and indirect costs involved. Some of these costs include: the sale's commission that the real estate broker receives from the sale of a home; the costs accrued from pre-sale home cosmetic repair; seller's taxes; as well as relocation costs. Therefore, these different factors will be explored and will aid those individuals interested in selling their home with some general guidelines in navigating through this difficult and complex course of action.