So, You Want To Sell Your House

There's no doubt about it, today it is a buyer's market for real estate. The economy has made it much easier for people who want to buy to do so. There are a lot of homes available these days. So, if you want to sell your home, then you'll need to learn some of the tricks of the trade in order to make that sale.

Reality Check

First and foremost, be sure the price you are asking is realistic. When people decide to sell their homes on their own (FSBO-for sale by owner) one of the most common reasons they are unsuccessful is because they have priced themselves out of the market. If you are emotionally attached to your house, then detach as soon as possible, and get a real estimate from an outside source as to its current market value. The likelihood that you'll make big bucks on it in this market is questionable, so you will stand a better chance in the competition if you're flexible. On the other hand, you want to remember that your home is going to be worth what someone is willing to pay for it. So, don't shortchange yourself, but do be reasonable.

It's All About Timing

Timing is important when it comes to selling your house. If the economy is on an upswing, then your house will sell for more than if most houses are in forced sales positions. A good time to put your house on the market is when houses in the area in which you live are in demand. Sometimes an area becomes very desirable, in which case, your house will sell quickly and for more money.

How Does It Look-Inside And Outside?

The presentation of your house is vitally important. In another article, we talk about preparing your home for sale. Make sure the house has great curb appeal and that the interior is bright, clean, free of clutter and attractive. Fix everything that needs fixing. A buyer will notice everything that you would notice if it was broken. After the cosmetics are taken care of, it might be a good idea to learn about staging your home. Staging is setting the space up so it looks inviting, professional, and like a magazine. There are several websites and books you can access to learn more about staging. By the way, when the house is being shown (if you're using an agent) go away. Let the agent hold the open house and let the prospective buyers wander around and ask their questions without your presence.

Finding Your Market

Marketing your home can be done via the internet. Today, just about everyone has a computer at home and many people use the web to search for homes before they contact an agent. You can promote your house for sale using one of the many sites available, or by using the social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Yahoo groups are another easy way to leverage the web to your advantage. Figure out who would really want to buy your house and pour your efforts into marketing to that group.

If you've determined to go all the way as a private seller, then there are other partners you can encourage to help you along the way. There are plenty of FSBO websites and by partnering with a bank or mortgage broker, you can get your property on their sites for viewing.

Get The Help Of A Good Agent

It is a good idea to find a good agent to help you, should you decide at the end of the day that you don't want to try to sell on your own. Finding people to come and look at your house is a tough go, so having someone who does it professionally can take months off the selling time. Be sure to interview the real estate agents and shop around. Find the right agent for you-one who will work for you and one you can work with well.