How Would You Market My House?

Sure, your house will have a 'For Sale' sign in front of it for all prospective home owners to see. But what will make these shoppers stop in front of your home instead of the hundreds of other homes for sale out there? Similarly, when people looking to buy a home are scrolling through hundreds of listings online, how can you be sure they'll click on the link to yours?

Marketing Is The Key

Good marketing is the key to selling a home. Once you've signed with an agent, her or she will market your home to other real estate agents. Your agent is called the 'seller's agent.' These other agents are called 'buyer's agents.' They work for individuals, couples, families or groups that are looking to purchase a home. The seller's agent markets your home to buyer's agents, who in turn find appropriate buyers for the home. That's why it's so very important to choose a seller's agent who can market your home properly.

Part of your seller's marketing strategy should be making your home as accessible to potential buyers as possible. The 'For Sale' sign in the yard is not enough. Your agent should prepare and distribute polished, professional looking flyers, and place adds in real estate publications, all containing a photo and a brief description of your house to generate interest. A brochure box beside your For Sale sign is also a good idea. Interested prospective buyers who drive or walk by can pick up the brochure, see if they're interested, and call back later. Your agent should also list your home with a Multiple Listing Service, a database that makes a photo of and information about your home accessible to all buyer's agents in the area. This listing will greatly expand your pool of potential buyers.


Remember, your agent needs to recruit buyer's agents to your home. One way to do this is to hold an office preview, in which all members of your agent's office come in, look at your home, and decide how to pitch it to their clients. Another way is to hold a broker preview and invite all the agents on the Multiple Listing Service to view your home. This can be a challenge, unless your agent offers some incentive (such as free food or wine). Your agent might also promote your home at meetings of any local Realtor organizations they belong to.

Ask prospective agents what steps they will take to market your home. Ask them what they feel is 'special' about your home, and what methods they will use to convey this to other agents. Remember, the more people see your home, the better the chance that someone will buy it.