Lease Options

So, you have been trying to sell your home for some time and have found somebody that has serious interest in purchasing your home. However, there's one problem and that is the potential homebuyer does not have the current finances required to pay for a down payment and the closing costs attached to home buying. Before you immediately discard their interest, you should know that there is a way that can sell your home to the person but still receive fair financial compensation. This option is selling your home through a lease option.

Financial Help Through Leasing

A lease option is a popular way for homebuyers to purchase homes during a period where they require some financial help. Conversely, lease options are a great way for home sellers to receive fair financial rates for their home for sale, especially during periods where the real estate market is slow. Basically, a lease option is an agreement between a homebuyer and a home seller that stipulates that the homebuyer is able to purchase the home within a specific period of time for a set price. Before the lease option is exercised, the homebuyer is able to rent the property and pay monthly rent payments that incorporate rent credit. Rent credit basically stipulates that the homebuyer has to pay monthly payments above market value, in which portions of this rent payments are used as a down payment for the home.

Lease options are legally accepted and benefit both the homebuyer and the home seller. Home sellers are able to sell their home, albeit maybe for a little longer than they expected, but are able to reap unique financial rewards that come with lease options. Homebuyers are able to benefit from lease options as they are able to live in and eventually purchase the home of their dreams without worrying that the home that they found will be lost as they attempt to raise the necessary funds required to purchase a home.

Lease Questions

Still there are many questions involved in lease options and the more popular ones are answered in this section. So read on if you want to know, "How do lease options work and what are the benefits?" or "What is a lease option?" or "Where do I get information on lease options?"