Listing And Advertising

Real estate agents and those selling a home usually work together under the terms of what is know as listing agreement: a legally binding contract that sets out the terms and conditions of the seller and realtors role in selling a house.

Every listing agreement varies from place to place, but the majority of realtors use a set pattern that is totally negotiable.

Listing Agreements

When negotiating a listing agreement one important thing to consider is the term of the agreement; the time span of the contract. A long term can favor an agent in a depressed market, but in a good market it may not be so wise.

Commission is also an important consideration to look into when negotiating the listing agreement. The typical commission is 5-7% of sale price.

You can also list your home in the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) to get more attention. This is just the first step in marketing your home to potential buyers.


Advertising is one of the key components in getting a house sold. Nowadays real estate agents use the Internet, television and even radio to market your house, but don't forget the simple for sale sign on the front lawn.

Having an open house is also a great way to get people interested in purchasing your property. You should always prepare for an open house by making the mood light and cheerful. Clean up thoroughly and arrange to be out of the house during the viewing, as the owners being there can put people off.

If you are having an open house you must remember that in today's Internet orientated and fast paced world, are the benefits of the open house still worth your time? The answer is a difficult one to examine and is also dependant on the area you live in and the relationship that you have with your real estate agent.