PickingThe Best Offer

Real estate is all about the Benjamin's. Wanting the highest price for your property is only natural and after spending time, effort and not to mention money from your future profit on sprucing it up you'll want to receive the maximum it is worth.

One way to receive the best price is to have multiple offers on your home. The more people interested, and more importantly willing to make an offer, the greater the chance that you will get the best value possible.

Multiple Offers

So just how do you go about getting multiple offers you may ask? Well firstly it really depends on market conditions. A sellers market; where there are few good quality houses available, is really the main pre-requisite, providing that your home is in good condition.

Also important is setting the right sale price. This is something that you and your realtor will decide. You don't want to frighten prospective buyers off with too high a price, that is not reflected in the market.

Providing the two factors above are sorted out sit back and wait for the offers to role in. Don't accept the first offers if you don't need to sell quickly. Once you have a few offers you should sit down and evaluate them all individually with your agent. Don't forget to look at the credentials of the prospective buyers too. You may get a big offer, but can they actually afford it? It maybe better to accept a slightly lower figure from a more qualified buyer than a higher one from someone ineligible.

Qualified Buyers

Once you have a number of qualified buyers interested in your property you probably won't have time to meet them all. Getting the offer by fax is acceptable in this scenario.

After you've looked at the merits of each then make your decision carefully. What you are signing is a legal obligation to see your property at the price stated and you can't go back on it, even if you receive a high price from someone else afterwards.

You don't ever want to find yourself in a situation where you accept two offers, a you would technically be liable to sell your home to two parties!