Possible Work Orders

You might have to complete some work orders before you can close the deal on the home. Remember, as the seller, it is your responsibility to have the work orders completed before the deal is closed and the buyer moves in. This is law; check with your local authorities for specific requirements.

Things To Fix

There are several possible conditions that may require a work order. Your house might have broken windows. If there is a crawl space, and it contains debris, then this debris will have to be cleaned. Dry rot or deteriorated wood will have to be taken care of, as will the results of earth-wood contact. Overgrown shrubbery will have to be clipped.

Any electrical equipment or outlets not working properly will need to be fixed. Blocked or missing gutters and downspouts will have to be replaced. A hot water tank without a ? inch discharge line will merit a work order. Foundation ventilation must be brought to adequate standards, as must attic ventilation. Also, tub enclosures (such as tile or formica) must have a minimum of four feet of waterproof material around them.

The List Goes On

Soil and floor joists require at least 18" of clearance between them under the entire house. Peeling or missing paint will require repainting. Any malfunctioning plumbing will have to be fixed, as will malfunctioning heating. Finally, you must repair any water damage within the home.

You might also have to paint the exterior and interior of your house, if either is in bad condition. If available, you may have to hook up your house to public water or public sewer. If your home is on a septic or well, you may be asked to obtain county certification. If your home contains unused oil tanks, remove them or fill them either with cement-slurry or with polyurethane foam.