Repair and Cleaning Checklist

After years of sweeping dust under the rug, strategically placing flowerpots over stains on the carpet, and making frequent contributions to the 'To Deal with Later' pile under your bed, it's finally time to deal give your home a good, long cleanup. After all, you want to make sure someone buys it, don't you? A good idea is to make a checklist of things you have to do before letting prospective buyers and real estate agents into your home.

Where To Begin?

Start with the front door. Has it been painted? Does the doorbell work? Is the doorknob polished? How about the hinges; have they been oiled? Then, look at the exterior of the house. Has it been painted recently? Have you cleaned the gutters? Do the exterior lights work? Have you replaced any missing shingles on the roof and, while you were up there, removed any moss?

Also, check your windows. Have the trims been painted? Do the windows open and close frequently? Have you replaced all cracked windowpanes? Have you washed the windows?

Is the driveway in good condition? Have you patched the potholes? If you have a patio, have you painted the wood and ensured that the fencing is sturdy? Is your lawn in good condition? If there are trees or shrubs on your property, have you removed any dead branches?

How does your front hall look? Have you cleaned the floor and closet? In the living room, have you painted, and repaired all the cracks in the wall and ceiling? Have you repaired any leaks? Are the curtains and carpets cleaned? Have you repositioned your furniture to make the room look as big as possible?

Is the kitchen clean and stain-free? Are the countertops uncluttered? Do all appliances work?

The Whole House

Finally, have a look at the bedroom. Has it been painted? Have you fixed all stains, cracks, and chips? Have you pushed the furniture around so that the room looks as big as possible?

Is the basement in good condition? Have you fixed all leaks and signs of dampness? Have you covered the cold water pipes and installed a dehumidifier? Does the basement smell musty? (It shouldn't!) Is the furnace clean? Have you removed all clutter, and made sure that whatever is stored there is stored neatly? Is the stairway handrail secure?

Is the bathroom in good condition? Are the tub, sink and toilet clean? Do the tiles all line up neatly? Have you placed fresh hand towels out to give it that nice, cozy, homey feel?