Selecting a Real Estate Agent

With so many faces smiling at you from real estate agency ads on various benches around town, it's hard to know exactly who to choose to sell your home. That's why it's important to meet with several different agents to find the one that best meets your requirements. After meeting with them, ask yourself if the agent:

Listens to you.

Make sure your agent is working for you, and not for themselves. You have needs to be met. Is very easily reachable. He or she should provide you with multiple phone numbers so that you can easily get in contact with them whenever the need arises.

Returns your calls.

Ensure that you and the agent will be in constant contact throughout the selling process.

Is understandable.

You should work with someone who easily explains information and processes in a way that makes sense to you.

Knows your neighborhood.

Choose someone who does business frequently in the area, so that they can best answer potential buyer's questions.

Knows local market conditions.

You want someone helpful and realistic, who can get you the best price you can reasonably expect for your home.

Has access to the Multiple Listing Service.

You'll attract a lot more potential buyers this way.

Is organized.

You'll want to see a detailed written marketing plan designed to sell your home.

Has references.

Get in touch with the references and ask the following questions: Did the agent stay in close contact throughout the selling process? Was the agent prompt? How much time did he or she need to sell the property? Was the agent organized and knowledgeable? Was the transaction smooth? If you were to sell more property, would you hire the agent again?