SettingThe Price

Knowing what price to put your property up for sale for is one of the most important and difficult decisions that you and your Realtor can make. Choosing a price too high will scare away prospective buyers, where as a selling price too low will leave you short changed and with not as much money to put down on a new property. Setting the right price right is vital.

One of the first steps would be to have your house appraised. An appraisal is carried out by an appraiser, who uses experience and knowledge of the current market trend to build up an accurate estimation of your property's true value.

An Appraisal

Most people are aware of what an appraisal is, but there are still many myths surrounding them. You should be aware that an appraisal provides valuable information for the buyer and the seller and does not just act on the behalf of a buyer not wanting to pay too much.

The market value of your house is what needs to be determined from an appraisal and you should always remember this it is not affected by whatever you paid for your house. Your Realtor along with the appraisal information can help you set a fair price for your house by looking at the current market, and similar properties.

Looking at market information can help you to evaluate where your house stands in relation to other similar houses. Although this sounds easy market information is crowded with jargon and you may need help to understand it.