The Home Inspectors Coming

Once you've sorted out whom you want to sell your home with and all the preliminary details have been agreed on, one of the final steps is having your house inspected by a home inspector.

Whilst this can seem like a daunting prospect it need not be, so long as your house is in good condition that is! Instead of worrying about the inspection and what the inspector may or may not find, you should just concentrate on making the whole process go through as smoothly as possible. So how can you smooth out the inspection process? Well they are certainly a few things that you can do.

Inspecting Your Home

One of the main things that you can do to make the process go off without a hitch is to not be present at the inspection. While you may want to shadow the inspector, they will not appreciate it. Your agent should represent you during the inspection, and they are more than qualified, having been present on many inspections previously.

Being courteous to the inspector is also a good idea. Don't view him or her as an adversary, trying to degrade your home. They are simply doing a job that will give credence to the valuation and state of your property. They are not on a crusade to find faults! If possible always leave 2 hours for an inspection.


One word of warning for a home inspection is that, if you decide to stay, don't follow the inspector around criticizing them on what they find. If you do disagree with what they observe then keep it to yourself and highlight it after you have -received their report.

Before the inspector arrives, always try to have all major records available and ready. Don't try to remember of the top of your head when you had something fixed or installed, as this lack of real information may act against you and cause concern to the potential buyer. If you had any major alterations carried out, make certain that you have the planning permission slips available for the inspector.

During the inspection don't try to prevent the inspector carrying out their job by blocking off certain personal areas. The inspector needs to conduct a full and thorough inspection and any limitations will be noted.

Finally if you agree on repairs that need to be carried out, try to do them as quickly as possible, to prevent any further delays in the conclusion of the sale.