IRS Publications

The IRS or Internal Revenue Service is responsible for retrieving the taxes, on behalf of the United State of America, from its population. Whilst taxes are not seen with much happiness by the general public, they are extremely important in any society, helping to finance schools, hospitals, infrastructure and other social programs.

Paying Taxes

Whether you like it or not if you are a citizen of the united sates and are earning an income, whether from a job, property or other source you will be liable to pay taxes on your income. This is true even in the property market and you should consult your realtor or tax consultant/accountant on how purchasing, selling or inheriting a house can influence the taxes you need to pay to the government.

If you want to find out more information about the tax system, or just want IRS publications you can visit their website or call by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM.

The Internal Revenue Service publishes a number of real estate publications, and these are listed by different numbers. The types of publications are show below:

No 521, Moving Expenses No 523, Selling Your Home No 527, Residential Rental Property No 534, Depreciation No 541, Tax Information on Partnerships No 551, Basis of Assets No 555, Federal Tax Information on Community Property No 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property No 590, Individual Retirement Arrangements No 908, Bankruptcy and Other Debt Cancellation No 936, Home Mortgage Interest Deduction