Moving Preparation Tips

Moving Begins Early On!

The process of moving actually begins well before the Big Day arrives. Whether it's a short-distance move or a long-distance move, there are endless details to attend to and to remember when it comes to moving. The following are some helpful tips to get you ready for Moving Day and for ensuring that your move is a success.


•- Preplanning and preparation is the key to a successful move

•- Make lists of everything that needs to be done

•- Allocate specific tasks to family members who are old enough to help out

•- Start packing as early as possible to decrease stress and to ensure that you have ample time to troubleshoot through inevitable packing glitches

•- Consult with family, friends, or neighbors who have recently moved and ask them for helpful preparation tips for moving


•- Begin by packing items infrequently used, such as pictures, knick-knacks, wall hangings, out-of-season clothing, extra pairs of shoes/boots, accessories, decorations, toys/games, linens, and more

•- Spring-clean as you go along: Decide what to keep, what to throw out, and what to donate

•- If you begin sorting early enough, you may have enough time to make a Garage Sale for items that won't be making the move with you

•- Organize packing room by room or by categories

•- Label all boxes, indicating roughly what's inside and which room each box should go into in your new home. On Moving Day, your movers or friends will know exactly where to place each box, making both the move and unpacking a much smoother sail

•- Keep a master list of all boxes and their contents; if something goes missing or can't be found, you'll know what to look for and where to look for it


•- Start looking for boxes well before your moving date; you can never have too many boxes!

•- Look for used boxes or free boxes that can be obtained from neighbors, friends, businesses, or stores

•- If someone you know has recently moved, ask if you can use their boxes

•- Business offices often have convenient-sized, clean, and durable boxes appropriate for moving

•- Avoid grocery store boxes that have spills in them

•- Make sure boxes are not over-packed and/or too heavy to be lifted and carried

•- Stock up on heavy-duty tape and make sure boxes are properly secured

Fragile Items

•- Save money on expensive bubble wrap and pack fragile items in clothing, blankets, sheets, or coats that need to be packed anyway

•- Pack fragiles in old newspapers (note, however, that the ink may rub off on kitchenware)

•- Place rolled-up socks inside of glassware to protect them and cushion glassware with towels

Creative Packing

To save space and make your move more compact, try doubling up on storage. Here a couple of suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:

•- Use dresser drawers, dryers, suitcases, and large cookware to pack smaller items

•- Pack jewelry or other small delicates and items inside shoes