Tips for Moving Day

After selling your home and after spending weeks or months organizing, weeding, and packing for your move, Moving Day has arrived. In order to make your move a 'smooth ride' and as stress-free as possible, it is best to plan for the Big Day.

The following are some great tips to ensure that your move and your entry into your new house go off without a hitch.

Moving Trucks (Moving Vans)

The question you need to ask and answer before Moving Day is: To use or not to use a moving truck?

Hiring a moving company can be quite expensive. Here are a number of alternatives to consider:

•- For short distances or lighter loads, enlist the help of friends or neighbors who own an appropriate vehicle

•- Rent your own truck or trailer (some Home Improvement stores will rent trucks by the hour). Be sure to measure the size of your furniture and appliances to determine the size of the truck needed

•- Move the small stuff yourself and enlist the services of a moving company only for heavy/big furniture and appliances

•- If you decide to employ the services a moving company, try to get the first appointment of the day to avoid delays if movers run late on a previous job

•- Booking moving vans on a weekday may be cheaper and more readily available than on weekends (when most people move)

•- Check that the movers have the right equipment for your belongings and that they offer insurance in case of any damage incurred during transport or unloading

Moving Furniture and Appliances

•- Remove drawers or tape drawers securely shut

•- Secure appliance doors with heavy tape, rope, or bubble wrap them shut

•- Protect furniture with padding, blankets, or appropriate packing materials

•- Unplug refrigerators at least two days before moving in order to defrost and properly clean and dry

•- Pack computers and other electronics in their original packaging if possible, or cushion them carefully with thick blankets or moving pads

Pet Care

Don't forget that when you move, it's Moving Day for your pet as well!

•- If you are moving long distance, be sure to purchase the appropriate cage or traveling unit for your pet

•- Provide food, water, and sufficient air for your pet during the move

•- Take your pet for a veterinarian checkup before a big move

•- Be sure your pet has the correct tags and licenses for your new location and that their vaccinations are up to date


•- Since you are going to be super-busy on Moving Day, make sure younger children are properly cared for by a babysitter or an older family member or friend

•- Give older children specific tasks to do on Moving Day so that they feel useful and so that they don't get in the way

Moving Day Bonus Tips!

Some basics often get overlooked in the mayhem of Moving Day. Don't forget the following:

•- Plan a simple breakfast on-the-go

•- Prepare snacks or sandwiches for the road or pack a picnic lunch

•- Prepare separate handbags containing toothbrushes, toiletries, pajamas and other essentials for that first night, and don't put those on the moving truck!

•- Freeze meals ahead of time for the first night/nights in your new home, or plan to order takeout

•- End Moving Day with a fun pizza party for everyone who survived the journey!