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Jeannie - September 8th, 2009 11:51 PM

My house has been on the market for over 3 years now, and is in an upscale lake community. A family I allowed to rent with the option to buy backed out and moved out, but not without ruining the pool liner so it no longer holds water (kidney-shaped diving pool). For the past year I've offered an allowance to the potential buyer to either fix the pool or fill it in, thinking that leaving the option open was a good thing. Apparently it's not, because no one wants to even look at it once they find out about the "pool." Would more people be likely to purchase a house with or without a pool? I'm trying to decide whether to go ahead and fill it in myself just to get it sold. It is the only house in the neighborhood with a pool that is on the market, although about 30% of the homes currently have them. I'm just wondering if all the other houses have sold already since they didn't have a pool!

skyavenuerealty - April 24th, 2012 5:06 AM

I think you should fix it with yourself. As you are saying your house is only house in neighbor with a pool. I think you will get good money for the pool house.


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