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Margaret - September 27th, 2009 2:43 PM

I want a fence, had surveyor mark property line, neighbor moved survey stakes, surveyor came out again, first time he wanted us to put our fence farther our way and became angry when we wouldn't agree to it, next time stakes seemed to be about four inches more my way, pictures were taken, we went to court, judge is supposed to decide in 30 days, now wants 30 more days, but can a judge or anyone else tell where the property line is from looking at pictures especially when there are trees and other plants there and can he really tell if the trees are on the property line or an inch or two over the line by looking at pictures and if not, why is this case being judged this way when it would seem a judge or contractor or anyone would have to actually be there and measure for themselves and not be able to tell by a picture whether a tree is on the line or an inch or two over the line? Thank you.


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